Fat Cell Cream 3Phasic System


FAT CELL CREAM is a cream that can be used topically for states of localized adiposity accompanied by cellulite.

Use: apply a small amount of product locally. Each treatment cycle can range from a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 3, with a break period of 30 days. Massage a small amount of cream on the area to be treated until completely absorbed in cases of obesity and hydrolipopexy. Follow with a second, deeper massage lasting 5-10 minutes. If the skin is oily or thickened, it is advisable to first wash the area to be treated, dry well and then practice a simple massage until a slight redness is produced: then proceed with the application of the treatment as illustrated above.

The clinical results generally begin to become evident towards the end of the second week of treatment.

Quantity: 100ml

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Highly concentrated 3-O-ETHYL Ascorbic Acid.
Antioxidant, neocollagenetic properties, regulator of melanogenesis.

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