Entero 3Phasic System


Food supplement with herbs, vitamins, probiotics and prebiotics. It promotes the balance of the intestinal flora, linseed oil promotes the integrity and functionality of cell membranes.

Recommended dose: one tablet a day.

Quantity: 20 tablets

Product is buyable.


The intestinal epithelium is a unicellular layer that constitutes the largest and most important barrier against the external environment.
ENTERO 3PHASIC SYSTEM acts as a selectively permeable barrier, allowing the absorption of nutrients, electrolytes and water, maintaining an effective defense against toxins, antigens and enteric flora.

The epithelium maintains its selective barrier function through the formation of complex protein-protein networks that mechanically connect adjacent cells and seal the intercellular space.

The protein networks that connect epithelial cells form 3 adhesive complexes: desmosomes, adherent junctions, and tight junctions.
These complexes are made up of transmembrane proteins that interact extracellularly with adjacent cells and intracellularly with adapter proteins that connect to the cytoskeleton.

Over the past decade, there has been growing recognition of an association between disrupted intestinal barrier function and the development of autoimmune and inflammatory
diseases. The supplement has the function of cleansing, rebalancing and restoring intestinal function.

In this way, food macromolecules will be prevented from having an inductive antigenic effect, determining that state of inflammation which constitutes the starting point in the imbalance of the PNEI psycho-neuroendocrine immunological system, with consequent acceleration of aging as well as the development of age-related pathologies.
We recommend one tablet in the morning on an empty stomach for 20 days for two months cyclically.