Fat Cell 3Phasic System

FAT CELL is a product for professional use, made of a pool of substances that act on the mechanisms that determine the causes of the different forms of cellulite.The exclusive processing  characteristics and one of its constituents, deoxycholate, allow the pool of substances to act in the fat tissue affected by cellulite, resulting in progressiv improvements. For topical use.

Quantity: 100ml



    The Box contains 10 vials, divided into phase 1-3 which contains deoxycholate and gynestein, and phase 2 vials with a pool of active substances to promote the drainage of liquids that accumulate in the context of the hypodermis altered by localized adiposity and/or cellulite. The 3 phases are mixed into a single one; the mixture is spread with a circular massage or with the help of a dermaroller until fully absorbed.

    Before applying the FAT CELL solution it is advisable to apply 3PHASIC SYSTEM BODY. At home, apply FAT CELL Cream daily in order to improve the effects obtained in the medical clinic.
    All 3Phasic System products (Face, Body and Fat Cell) can be associated, before or after as per protocol, with other treatments: peeling, Filler, Botox, threads, skin regeneration,

    laser, Plexer, FELC, carboxytherapy, radiofrequency, Bodytite, LESC, facelift, liposuction, needling, etc.